Taking in consideration the economical blossom that is taking place currently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all sectors, which made it a targeted area for a lot of investors and business pioneers from different places of the world, to invest and open new markets in different sectors and services providers.

We hereby highlight some of the sectors that is recommended to participate in the Exhibition:  

  1. Building and infrastructure sector.
  2. Renewable energy sector
  3. Petroleum and gas sector and service providers.
  4. Medical supply and pharmaceuticals sector.
  5. Furniture and home crafts sector.
  6. Agriculture sector , Food and water treatment service providers
  7. Electronics and Home appliances.
  8. Manufacture equipments, Vehicles and machinery industry.
  9. Cloth, Cosmetics and perfumes.
  10. Education Sector, Tourism sector.

Also what the country vision of services and products that could be exported to KSA.

Products and goods that are not allowed. 

  1. All Spirits and alcoholic beverages
  2. All Ham products.
  3. All Meat products that are not Hallal soltered
  4. All Guns, and weapons equipments and accessories.
  5. All tobacco products and related accessories
  6. Any product that contain religious mark or may cause harm to any religion.
  7. All Birds and living creatures
  8. All Medical products and medicines ( used for display only and not to be sold)
  9. Gold, Diamond, watches and Jewellery ( used for display only and not to be sold )

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